Police Positively Identify Headless Torso to be Missing Journalist Kim Wall

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Today, police have positively identified the headless torso found in the waters off Copenhagen to be that of Kim Wall, the missing journalist that disappeared a little over a week ago. The torso, found attached to a chunk of metal, drew speculations that it purposefully sunk. Authorities are charging Peter Madsen in connection with the disappearance of Wall. He now has a different set of charges sure to follow.

If you haven’t been up on the story of Kim Wall’s disappearance, then now is your chance to catch up.

Who is Peter Madsen?

Photo Credit: “Peter Madsen”, © 2010 Joi Ito, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

Peter Madsen is a Danish engineer, inventor, submarine and space enthusiast who has invented 3 personal DIY submarines and had his eye set on space colonization next.

Madsen built the Nautilus UC3 submarine, one of his three personal submarines, on May 3rd 2008. The submarine, measuring 17 meters long, and displacing 40 tons of water, was the third and final submarine he built.

Who is the reporter Kim Wall?

Kim Wall was a Swedish freelance journalist, who had embarked on many adventurous missions before her journey with the inventor: Mr. Madsen. She traveled to the capital city of North Korea, and even to the heart of the war-torn Sri Lanka. Wall has been published in reputable magazines and newspapers, such as: the New York Times, and TIME. Her mission to accompany Madsen was nothing out of the ordinary for her ambitious journalism.

What happened on Thursday August 11th?

Photo Credit: “”, © 2017 rml spacelab, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

Kim Wall was going to report while on-board the Nautilus UC3 submarine with inventor Madsen. What exactly occurred on that evening within the confines of that steel casket is still a mystery. However, according to Madsen, the Nautilus UC3 sank due to a “Ballast tank malfunction”.

“I couldn’t close any of the hatches or anything” he stated to Danish television.

Contrary to Madsen’s statement about what happened on the submarine, chief homicide investigator Jens Moller of the Copenhagen police made a different statement at a press conference: “It appears to be a deliberate act to sink the submarine.”

The submarine sank in less than a minute and Madsen was the only one to emerge alive. The disappearance of Kim Wall struck many questions and Madsen changed his story several times since the event. At first he stated that he had dropped Wall off late on the evening of August 10th. He later stated that she died on-board and he had buried her body at sea.

New findings.

Photo Credit: “Politi og ambulanse”, © 2009 Trondheim Havn, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

Initial investigations of the submarine were conducted, after hauling it from the cold waters off the coast of Copenhagen. There were no findings of the Swedish Journalist, although slight amounts of blood were found on-board. After nearly two weeks of searching, police discovered the dismembered, headless torso of a female body in the waters. Where the rest of the body is, or why it was dismembered is still a mystery.

DNA analysis ruled on Wednesday August 28th that the torso was indeed Kim Wall. The investigation is continuing and we watch eagerly as the story unfolds and justice is served.

Author - David Mann
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