The Growing Hate For American Patriotism And History

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Our nation is now afraid of our history, the monster who roams the streets. We sweep under the rug the past we don’t wish others to see, afraid of offense. We live in a sensitive society, if you’re an America loving patriot, you may be labeled a racist.

My writing this article stems from a place of deeply rooted patriotism. One in which led me to serve in the armed forces to begin with. One in which stemmed from my father serving in the Air Force and my step-father serving in the Army. I feel the right, nay – the responsibility to uphold the honor of our service. I was recently told a story of a first-hand encounter with someone who was spewing, as if a venomous snake, the poison in which so much of this country believes.

This person, works at a hardware store and recounted an event which happened at her store last week. They stated that a female customer at the store began badgering another customer over the hat he was wearing. The hat had an American flag on it. She was screaming that he was a “White Supremacist” and a racist because of his American flag! The funny thing is, the gentleman was Hispanic. He most definitely was not a white supremacist.

Since when did being proud of your nation or a patriot, make you a white supremacist?

Photo Credit: “France 1945”, © 2007 U.S. Army Europe, Flickr | PD-MK | via Wylio

If you served our country, you may supposedly also be labeled a “white supremacist” now days.

With “Social Justice Warriors” attempting to make movements banning veterans from attending universities, to the Huffington Post writing an article stating war veterans are racists it begs to question the sanity of their cause. They are going against the very people that fought for the freedom they have to spout such absurdities.

This is not the first in a line of many events in which military members have been labeled as racists. Of course there is the ugly head of racism everywhere, but being a member of the armed forces doesn’t make you a racist any more than supporting our president makes you a KKK member.

Where has the pride of our nation gone?

Photo Credit: “The Veteran”, © 2009 Woody Hibbard, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

The dark plague in which seems to be engulfing the populous is spreading like an epidemic. With people toppling statues in the south as if some terrorist group. Minions spraying graffiti on national monuments, dismembering the history of our nation one un-violated surface at a time. Serpents burning the flag for which our fathers died for, stepping on it as if nothing ever mattered. Kneeling for the national anthem, ashamed of the country you’re a part of. Crazed “justice warriors” baring anything but justice, desecrating graves with political agendas.

This disease in which has gripped the nation is one in which cannot be stopped. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you check out this link here to see what type of carnage is really unfolding in our nation right now.

The history of a nation, no matter how dark, is still the history of that nation. Should we hide it and be afraid? Should be topple the very thing that shaped the world we live in, desecrating graves and vandalizing monuments? There is a large difference between being proud of those who enslaved others, and respecting the history in which we came.

If society has passed the point of accepting our history, then at the very minimum these statues should be moved to museums and a human’s final resting place should be left untouched. The rise of the shameful, despicable, wimpy, “safe space” generation is mounting and with it – the America we know will indeed change.

Gone are the days of American pride. Gone are the days of the joy within us when we think of our nation. The “plague” is on the loose, it is rampant, it is strong. It brainwashes people from ages K-12 to be embarrassed with our nation.

If we go to war, it’ll be the patriots defending the “safe space” generation.

According to a recent poll conducted by a Harvard Institute of Politics – around 60% of Americans between 18-29 support the American combat troops fighting Isis, but that 62% of those Americans would never enlist in the military. So 62% of the eligible men and women who could help fight an opposing nation, should war break out… would not defend our homeland.

A race war, where there is no war.

Photo Credit: “Little Rock, 1959. Mob marching from capitol to Central High (LOC)”, © 1959 The Library of Congress, Flickr | PD | via Wylio

Lets be honest, the media feeds on the anger, the fright, the sheep who believe everything they see and do whatever they are told. As if a group of lemmings following one another unsure of where to go – in need of desperate direction – they turn to whoever can provide an answer. Do you think the KKK or white supremacists were hiding when Obama was in office? Meeting at the light of the moon, in dark hooded cloaks, as if just waiting for the right moment to parade around town in their white robes? No.. they were just as active then as they are now – but you wouldn’t see much of it on the media.

No – when Obama was in office, the highlight was on BLM. How they are “so violent”… now that Trump is in office, the focus is on KKK and white supremacy. Let us not be so ignorant as to not see what the reality is around us.

“He who strikes terror in others is himself continually in fear”. – Claudius Claudianus

I see it all the time on my Facebook feed. My friends, turning against each-other. Life-long friends calling each-other racists and nazi supporters. You can’t be against toppling and defiling history, while also being against neo-nazis. You can’t be both. You’re either a neo-nazi, or you’re siding with the ones toppling statues and embarrassed of our history, our military, and our government.

We need to unify. Blacks, Whites, Pinks, Purples, WHATEVER!

The nation is divided, people spewing racism as if it’s a growing thing. The only thing growing is the division between us all and that’s because the media is spreading the hate. Making it seem like the small minorities represent the populous. The race gap is growing day.. by day. We need to realize this. People who were never racists before are beginning to resent their neighbors, believing they harbor some sort of malice against them and have been waiting for the right way to embody it. We need to unify, love one another, stop spewing racism and stop being ashamed of our nation, our history, and our service members who bravely defend the freedoms.

Wake up. Lets all… just… get… along. Diversity is what makes our nation great. Lets celebrate the differences between us without slapping labels and spewing hate.

Author - David Mann
Title Photo: "PPC ph-so-10-FlagRetirement.jpg", © 2014 Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio
The photos used throughout this post are in no way linked to the current situation addressed within this article.
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