What’s Allowed to Happen to These Dogs Should Be Illegal!

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No Hope For Chained Dogs in California Under Current Law.

Animal abuse, neglect or simply unloved? Seeing chained dogs outside in all weather conditions is heartbreaking, but even worse when it’s not “illegal”.

If you go to California, there is a small crack in which it seems many dogs are falling. There is no direct law against having a dog tethered or chained outside in all weather conditions. Poring rain, snow, blistering heat? It is OK as long as the dog has a bit of water or a bit of shade.


Take this dog for example: Off Highway 4 in Stockton California – there is a plot of land. On that land you will find a dog and a tiny run-down dog house. This dog is chained up 365 days of the hot and cold year without human love, companionship, or a place to run and play. In this part of California, there are days that are 110 F. and the pavement this dog is on must be sizzling hot. We get nights here below freezing with winds and rain, yet this dog only has a tiny dog house to shelter in. Day and night this dog lays in the same spot all alone. Dogs deserve better lives.

In regards to this particular dog, animal services stated they receive many calls about the dog in question, however, the owner is not doing anything “illegal”. As such, there isn’t much they can do about it. They stated that he has brought the dog in for shots, upgraded to a slightly better dog house and provided a bigger water bowl for the dog but still leaves him chained to the fence. This dog has been out there for years as cars pass by on the Hwy and have watched him in freezing weather and sizzling heat lying beside the dog house. On the hot days, he seeks the tiny amount of shade on the ground that is cast by the dog house itself on the hot ground.

Guard dogs don’t deserve good lives?

He is a “guard dog” for the property supposedly, and isn’t very friendly. So they leave the poor dog chained up and away from human interaction so he can stay defensive. No wonder he isn’t a friendly dog.. he’s chained up with no human interaction!! What kind of life is this for this poor animal? That’s no way for a dog to live.  With modern security technology available to companies, this is shameful and in my opinion (and many others who have called the Animal Control about these dogs), abuse.  How is a dog supposed to protect a property if it is chained up? There is some irony in there somewhere.

Since our initial calls to animal control about this dog in particular..

It appears he has made minor improvements to his property. Below are recent photos of the conditions the dog is currently in. A small tarp was installed to provide a bit of additional shade. The water bucket has been tethered to the wall to prevent it from tipping. However, the matter of the dog being chained during all weather and with no human interaction is still bothersome. Dogs deserve a better life.

However this is just one dog in a list of dogs that are falling through the cracks of this overlooked form of animal cruelty. There is not a current law stating that a dog cannot be chained up outside. This is saddening to see, all dogs deserve a better life.


What are your thoughts about this crack in the law and this poor creature?



There is a law; however, people like this get away with chaining their dogs up the way this guy does because (according to Animal Control) he claims he has the dog on a running line or trolley system.  That running line/trolley system is what makes it legal in CA for him to keep his dog this way.
California law as of January 2017
Safety Code 122335


Author - David Mann and Elizabeth Avalos
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