5 Record-setting, bank-busting, belt-breaking burgers

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The top 5 burgers most likely to break your bank.. and your belt!

This is a list of the most outrageously priced burgers out there. I hope you’re hungry… or a millionaire, because it’s sure to be a requirement if ordering one of these! Some of them are even world record setting weights.

#5 $1,000 Worlds Largest Burger – Mallie’s

Wenn.com – Newscom

Now, an average burger at this joint will run you $7 on a good day of the week, but the specialty of this restaurant, it seems, is making gigantic, world record setting, expensive burgers. This world record setting burger at Mallie’s weighed in at roughly 300 lbs and cost an estimated $1,000. It contains enough food to feed a small village. The owner of the restaurant states he wants to go “much bigger” and has plans for a 3,000 lb burger. My question is… how many cows did it take to make this thing?!

#4 $1,770 Glamburger – Honky Tonk

Courtesy Honky Tonk

If eating metal sounds like a fun idea to you, then you may have an appetite for this expensive, and “golden” glamburger. While the original Glamburger was released in 2014, and while no longer available, customers to the Honky Tonk in London can still order the “Mini Glam Burger”. This consists of a half-pound of meat, served with brie, half of a “golden egg”, truffle oil, and a bun that is sprinkled with.. you guessed it.. gold. The mini is priced at $37 US.

#4 $5,000 Juicy’s Outlaw Burger – Juicy’s

Pleasanton Patch

At it’s best cook, the burger weighed in at a record-setting 777 pounds. The burger was prepared and cooked on a custom-built grill that weighed 72,000 pounds. The produce on this burger consisted of: 50 pounds of lettuce, 12 pounds of pickles and 50 pounds of onions… that’s a lot of onions. The bun had to be baked for six hours and weighed in at 272 pounds by itself. The burger was sold off at $0.99 per bite.

#3 $5,000 FleurBurger – Fluer Las Vegas

Courtesy Fleur

Sin City.. where else would you expect to find the gluttonous $5,000 burger? The burger was originally introduced in 2011. The burger was made with Kobe beef, loads of truffles, foie gras, and came with a bottle of Petrus. The dinner also came with two fancy Ichendorf Brunello glasses in which the wine was poured. The guests even got to keep the glasses.

#2 $8,000 Mallie’s current world record holder

Courtesy of Mallie’s

Topped with 300 POUNDS of cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and onions, atop a 250 pound bun, this 1,794 pound burger stands 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Costing $8,000, it is the worlds most expensive commercially available burger. It took a total of nearly 17 hours to cook and had to be cooked inside a special grill fashioned out of a shipping container. The burger is available for purchase, but before you order one for your party this weekend, Mallie’s requests at least a 3 day notice.

Courtesy of Mallie’s

#1 $10,000 Seven Emirates Burgerstack

Labeled “The world’s most expensive burger”, it is the “Seven Emirates Burgerstack”. The burger that sold for $10,000! Granted it was for a great cause, but what makes this burger worth 10K?!

The burger was created by Pink Caravan ambassador Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani. It is made with the finest in aged cheddar, veal bacon, and a special burger sauce. All served on top of a saffron brioche burger bun which included seven difference spices to add a unique flavor to the experience. I don’t know if that’s worth 10K though.

Well there you have it. That is 5 of the most outrageous burgers in both price, and size. 

Author - David Mann
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